Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bad News

Well... although I thought the worst was over financially for my hubby and I, I guessed wrong. A few weeks ago, we got some bad news. No, not a layoff, but a pay cut substantial enough to make owning a horse a totally bad idea right now. I have been so sad, and hopeful that things would change, that I've put off writing this post for several weeks. But I guess it's time to tell you all that the wonderful lady who was boarding/training Penny for me has decided to keep her. I am indescribably heartbroken, but also so thankful that she agreed to do so. I know that she will make sure that Penny NEVER ends up at the auction again. I in NO WAY regret saving Penny... this has been an amazing, if short journey... but I guess it was too good to be true for me right now. Please send some good thoughts to Penny, now re-named "Bree," as she starts her new life in earnest.

I will leave this blog up as a record of our all too brief time together :-P... but I want y'all to know that I am not giving up on my dream of having a horse again. Things look promising for better financial times ahead in 2012... so I will probably start a new blog chronicling my continued adventures of getting back into horses. As much as I want to... I just can't stay away ;)

Thank you all for your support. If you want to keep following my adventures with my dogs, check out my dog blog Cedes of Change. I will be back soon!


  1. Ohhh. So terribly sorry for you. Comforted that you found her a good home, but it still must just suck the big one. The more and more I read of people suffering from finacial burden, the more concerned I get. I can't imagine not being able to keep my boy, but know as you do, that if it's your horse or having no home/food/etc., the choice must be made.

    My sincerest heartfelt hugs to you and Penny. Love but brief is no less strong.

    If you were out this way, I'd offer to let you come ride my boy; it wouldn't be Penny, but I'm sure you'll continue to love the horses and hopefully someday soon have one of your own again.

  2. So very sorry to hear about this! Sending good thoughts your way that the finances will turn for the best soon.

  3. Oh crap, sorry this worked out this way. At the very least at least you can feel good about saving a great little mare's life.

    I might have to check out your dog blog more, I hope to get into agility and rally someday with my dog if we can ever manage to pass the CGC.