Our Goals

I will check off each of these goals as we accomplish them, and fill in more as I think of them :)

As of 9/19/2011, our goals are:

Immediate Goals:
-Get Penny back to good weight and condition, including her feet.
-Work on ground manners, sacking out, desensitizing, etc
-Begin clicker training
-Move her to a suitable barn close to home (Kennewick, WA)

Short-Term Goals:
-Teach Penny to lunge and ground drive
-Find a saddle that fits both of us comfortably
-Teach her to accept and be comfortable with the bridle, saddle, surcingle, and other tack
-Ride Penny!

Long-Term Goals:
-Compete in a Dressage show and score above 62% at Training Level
-Get over my fear of jumping and jump a course comfortably at 2'6
-Go on an all-day trail ride someplace pretty :-P

Far-Fetched Goals:
-Find out where Penny came from and get her papers (if she has them)
-USDF Bronze Medal... after all, if they can do dressage, we can! :)

Patrick Marley and Honey Bright Dream, AQHA mare