About Me

Hi, I'm Ellie :)

I'm 24, married, and currently finishing up my Masters in English Literature. I'll be done in December, yay!

I have three dogs: two Border Collies and a Boston Terrier. I compete in agility and herding with my Border Collies, Cedar and Moss, and my Boston, Scully mainly just hangs out but does some obedience stuff sometimes. They're a lot of fun. If you are curious about what I do with them, check out my other blog, Cedes of Change.

(Left to right: Scully, Cedar, Moss)

When I'm not messing around with my dogs (and now horse!), I enjoy reading (my favorite author is Stephen King, but I love many different books, authors, and genres), writing (I'm currently working on a super sweet Harlequin-style romance novel), and playing Bejewled on my iPhone. I wish I was in better shape, and just recently I've started to do something to remedy that.

I grew up riding horses, and have owned several in the past. I've been away from riding for about five years, but recently purchased a new horse, Penny Lane, from the kill pen at the Enumclaw, WA auction. If you are curious about my history with horses, check out these blog posts:

How I Got Here Pt. 1
How I Got Here Pt. 2

If you're interested in how I came upon Penny, check out this post:

I'm Still In Shock

I will add to this section more as I see fit. I hope you enjoy reading my blog! :)