Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ready to Go :)

I can't believe this blog has four followers already, and I only know one of them in real life! :)

Anyways... yesterday evening I went to my local tack shop and bought a few things for Penny Lane. My friend Aimee and I are planning on driving up to Enumclaw this weekend to see her. I'm excited and nervous, as I'm not totally sure what I'll find when I get there!

She is getting picked up from the auction today and taken to her new (temporary) home. Keep your fingers crossed that all that goes smoothly...

Later this week, she will get wormed. Within the next two weeks I would like to get her a pedicure, some vaccinations and maybe her teeth done if I can afford it. Some of the excitement has worn off and now the fear is setting in. What have I done? :-X


  1. That halter will look adorable on her. Can't wait for Friday!

  2. It'll be alright!!!!! Have faith. :-)

  3. You'll go through phases with the fear and excitement. I did that. But yes, everything will be okay. You have Sprinkler who knows her horse stuff :) There will be ups and downs but that's just part of it. I used to get so disappointed when things didn't go as I had dreamed them. I stopped being silly and now I just enjoy my pony...we both enjoy working together a lot more! In fact, he's come farther with my new mindset. Can't blame him that he didn't like the pressure.

    I'm really looking forward to following your journey!