Monday, September 26, 2011

USDF Region 6 Championships

Yesterday, Aimee and I went to the USDF Region 6 Championship dressage show to watch and cheer on our former/current/whatever riding instructor and friend, Cathy, who qualified to go with her mare, Sasha. I rode with Cathy from the ages of about ten to eighteen (with a few years away with different instructors in between). In fact, that’s where I first met Aimee.

Cathy and Sasha are a very flashy, elegant team:

On Friday, they won the 2nd Level Championship. They were fifth in 3rd Level on Saturday. Sasha was a bit naughty, but gorgeous as always… and wonderful to photograph.

I just love her face:

Doesn’t she look like a bridle model?

We also watched all of the musical freestyle competition, from first level all the way through Grand Prix. Freestyle is AWESOME. I’ve watched hours of it on YouTube, but never seen it in person. When done right, it’s breathtaking.

Apparently I have a thing for chestnuts…

I LOVED this guy. Perfect markings, beautiful gaits, sweet expression. I’d take him home. I think he was an Oldenburg or Hanovarian… but I can’t remember. :)

Flying change!


One of the coolest things we saw was this Haflinger…. Doing GRAND PRIX. Yes, you heard that right. A Grand Prix pony!!!! What a cool little guy he was, too.

Canter pirouette…

Extended trot :)

Piaffe, I think.

And hey, if a Haffie can make it to Grand Prix, why not a scrappy chestnut QH mare with a lot of heart? :) Man, I can’t wait until I can see her every day.

I *think* I might have transport arranged for her for the middle of October... cross your fingers it works out! But so far, everything has been falling into place for me and the Pennymare. Let's just hope it continues!


  1. That chestnut guy looks like an Oldenburg to me, a bit heavy to be a hano. But STUNNING and so flashy!! And that haffie is adorable!

    Someone recently posted a video of a lovely quarterhorse doing dressage, he looked very talented.

  2. Love the pony. LOVE. Haha, especially when he tried to jump out of the arena. You can train the pony to grand prix, but he's still a pony.