Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some Pictures

What a weekend!!! I have a lot to blog about, but that will have to wait until later in the week when I have more time :)

But, to tide y'all over til then, here are a few photos of me and Miss Penny:



  1. She is a beauty! It's good you took the conformation shot -- it will be fun to compare it in six months and see how she's filled out and developed. She must be loving that grass -- and feeling special in her purple halter.

  2. What a total cutie!! Best of luck with her, I'm looking forward to your updates. :)

  3. yall look like a match made in heaven! i hope she is as sweet as she looks!!! great pics especially for comparing later :)

  4. Hooray! Congratulations! Is that a new sparkly purple halter and rope? :) She's adorable!